Emerging World

The Emerging World Creative Team are:

Jennifer O’Raw, Cait Canavan, Holly Cooper, Joan Donnelly & Sara Reilly

The Emerging World artists are a group of self directed up and coming theatre professionals who met in Act One Youth Theatre in the early 2000’s.

The idea of an emerging company within a professional company of experienced artists is integral to Floating World’s ethos of developing an exchange of experience between these two groups. Each contibuting to and learning from  the others work and process. Emerging World is a safe space within the company for the group to develop and experiment.

To date they have experimented with site specific work, original collaborative physical theatre pieces and re-imagining found texts.

Most recently they created an original piece for ‘picturing the SOUL’ called Shadows Alone

They explored the intriguing relationship between Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle through a site specific experimental work in Bushy Park.

In 2009 they peformed The Cocktail Party, a reimagining of the text by TS Eliot, in Players Theatre

They are currently working on a piece inspired by the story of Medea