Aviary/We Remain

As part of our 2017 UCD Performance Project we developed and directed Aviary/We Remain– a powerful piece portraying the upheaval and complete devastation that befalls the families and friends when a loved one goes missing. On average one person goes missing in Ireland every hour, and while the majority of this cases are solved within days-many others remain missing for years. This performance addresses the state of limbo that people can find themselves in-hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

Feel free to have a look at the Missing Persons Ireland website and support the good work they are doing around the year.

Director: Andrea Scott

Lighting Design: Caroline Norris.

Set and Poster Design: Katie Davenport

Assistant Director: Kori Schagunn

Production Coordinator: Clara Mallon

Sound Design: Colin Doran.


Last night, [7/3/17] we attended the opening night of AVIARY / WE REMAIN / – a play,

devised, written and performed by The Performance Project 2017 at UCD.

The cast of 19 students delivered an energetic, powerful, emotional and very moving

performance, accurately depicting the turmoil, upheaval and complete devastation

that families and friends experience when a loved one goes missing.

The play took us on a journey of friendship, fun, togetherness, growth and change

and led us to a place of shock, suspicion, blame, unspoken words and a gaping

question that all too often when someone goes missing, remains unanswered;

horrific silence, hanging in the air.

Andrea Scott’s skilful direction and attention to detail coupled with the

professionalism and heartfelt performance of each cast member, made AVIARY / WE

REMAIN / a piece of Theatre that will echo in the hearts and minds of all that see this


–Sara Shine, on behalf of The board of The National Missing Persons Helpline–

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