Lunatic There I Go

Based on the book ‘Bird’s Nest Soup’ by Hanna Greally, Lunatic There I Go, deals with the 20-year incarceration of a woman in an Irish Lunatic Asylum.

This is Hanna’s powerful personal story. It reflects many other untold stories and lost identities of people within Irish Psychiatric Institutions, illustrating the emotional and physical conditions experienced. 

Floating World Productions are delighted to have the sole rights for the creation of a theatrical performance born out of the real life experiences of Hanna Greally.

Testimonials for 2016 Performances


“Lunatic, There I Go is a brilliant production that I was delighted to

host at 2016 Siarsceal Festival. Three attending schools, their

teachers and other audience members were extremely impressed

by Floating World’s strongly visual and moving telling of the close-

to-the-edge experience that was Hanna Greally’s life. Hanna’s world

is beautifully and tragically presented in this strong merging of music,

visuals and movement. Hanna’s bravery in writing the book in 1971

is greatly honoured by this production.”

–Gwen McNamara Bond – Founder Director of Siarsceal Festival, Roscommon–

“An amazing and powerful experience. I was moved to tears throughout. It’s

core message once again haunted us and reminded us of our poor

understanding of mental health in the past”.

–Eileen Smith, Retired Nurse–


Artistic Team

Creator / Performer – Andrea Scott

Writer – Gill McCaw

Producer – Victoria Durrer

Composer – Gráinne Mulvey

Director – Aoife Spillane Hinks

Visual / Interactive Design – Furry

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Lunatic There I Go