oh look, hummingbirds – ABSOLUT Fringe Festival 2012

Our ABSOLUT Fringe Festival 2012 show – a co-production with Bluepatch Productions – journeyed into the future of memory.  The landscape of what we understand by the idea of memory has changed and to forget is now obsolete.  This performance piece looked at the emergence of technology as our means to remember.

The story of a woman’s inner conflict set in motion by the memory of what happened to her showing how differing perspectives illuminate the same situation in contrasting colours. We asked: in a shared memory, where is the truth?

‘oh look hummingbirds’ was performed in The Laundry Room of South Studios, a building steeped in its own memories and history, this perfect space was a fantastic spot to experience the metamorphosis of human behaviour.

We played to packed out houses and a great, if sometimes divisive, response. A post show talk took place after our third performance with Dr. Cathal Gurrin of DCU (one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of ‘lifelogging’ – recording every moment of your life. Some of our audience were appalled at the idea of constant recording, some fascinated. Since our production much more equipment, such as the Sensecam, is becoming readily available to everyone should they wish to have total recall at their disposal all the time. Our piece, based on a 1980’s science fiction story – ‘Snow’ – is becoming a reality and we still wonder … if you have the opportunity to never forget anything again would you take it?


Thank you so much to all our funders who got us to our target on our Fund It campaign. On with the show! See you all there

Ailbhe Smyth,  Emma Martin, Jack Kavanagh, Siobhan Donnellan, Aine Rynne, kt Shorb, Ann Heskin, Pearse McGloughlin, Ailish Leavy,  Rami  Albatal, Darragh Doyle, Sarah O’Toole,  Barry Houlihan, Christopher McCormack, Jeni  Roddy,  Mick Mulcahy, Sinead Carrigy, Ronan Quinn, Mary  Halliden,  Mike Scott, Aidan Kelliher, Elizabeth Hilliard, Cathal Gurrin, Jules Quaney, Craig Sanders, Melissa Moloney, Regan O’Driscoll, Una Burns,  Aidan Murphy, Kathy Hartigan, Sarah McCartan, Andrea Rattigan, Orla Hampson, Audrey Dempsey, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous


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