picturing the SOUL – 2012

picturing the  SOUL  was a multi-disciplinary performance and exhibition artistically exploring the concept of the soul performed over a weekend in February 2012 at Back Loft.

Watch our documentary filmed by Paddy Cahill, Sandis Jonass and Ciara McMahon and edited by Andrea Scott. Kindly featuring all our wonderful soul artists

What is the soul? How can we glimpse the invisible, make tangible the intangible, artistically express the essence of what it is to be alive?

A festival of dancers, aerialists, visual artists, filmmakers, theatre practitioners, video artists and musicians rose to this challenge, responding to the concept of the soul by creating an original piece of work specifically for this event.

This unique audience experience included an exhibition and performance, interactive installations and a feast for the senses.

Check out the review by Chris McCormack:

This is an exciting venture by Floating World Productions, and just as admirable as the work featured is Scott’s ability to mobilise so many exciting members of the arts community. More please’.

Visit the following link for all the information on our most recent production in the Back Loft. We had a great response!  www.picturingthesoul.wordpress.com

Flux: Created by Rebecca Reilly & furry for ‘picturing the SOUL’

‘Rebecca Reilly’s dance with Furlong’s movement-sensor visuals was truly inspiring. As the geometric graphics responded and anchored themselves to Reilly’s movement, the effect created the most tangible impression of the soul of the night: a correlation of the physically human and the ghostly digital’. (Review by Chris McCormack)
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