SAOL – Galway Fringe 2012

Saol Best of 2012

Floating World Productions interactive dance performance Saol was cited as a Best of 2012. Saol was chosen from over a thousand design projects worldwide. The selection was made by an international interactive design community at the forefront of all things relating to the exploration of new means for expression. ‘Interactive Design’ is committed to the sharing of knowledge within its design network and beyond.

Saol was performed as part of Galway Fringe 2012 at The Cube, NUIG on 19th July.

Saol explored the influence of a body’s movement on the sound and visual environment. All audio is controlled and created live by the dancers movements. The projections are also rendered in real time. Audio visual concept and programming by Furry, choreographed by Rebecca Reilly, performed by Rebecca Reilly and Andrea Scott.

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