Hanna is our stage adaptation of Hanna Greally’s novel Bird’s Nest Soup based on eighteen years in St Loman’s Psychiatric Institution. It is taking a while for us to be happy with the development of the theatre version of her story.  For our Arts Council funded development period (see our Lunatic, There I Go page) we brought all the elements together and we developed images, sound, text and movement for the piece. Character and structure was harder to find but we were ready to move to further development and production. However further funding unfortunately did not happen. Unwilling to let Hanna go I went into rehearsal solo with Gill’s script and her generosity to allow me to pluck what I wanted and edit as I rehearsed, and with kind permission from Trevor and Grainne to use some of their images and sound. We don’t mind how long it takes. Hanna spent eighteen years waiting, never giving up trying to gain her freedom. We owe her time to keep developing, keep trying, to fail, fail again and fail better. Here is a short film of the latest incarnation which will be touring in the Autumn.